Quantifiable Communications Tools

Quantifiable Communications Strategy

In the age of Big Data and metrics crazed buzzword users, we all know that we need it, but no one ever really gets to the point about what it a means and how do you use it – and how do you implement it during a pandemic and a time of social change? There is a gap in the understanding, accessibility and transparency about platforms, systems, and consultants talking about the importance of the Big Data concepts. So NUNA set out to remedy the problem.

NUNA Founder + CEO Ricki McCarroll spent the last two years developing pilot projects across specific policy areas utilizing what she calls Quantifiable Communications Strategy to work smarter and not harder to impact public opinion about critical issues for underserved communities. Turning stories into quantifiable data by employing communications industry leading digital listening software Brandwatch coupled with the NUNA data analysis process, the NUNA Team has established a way to measure the impact of messaging platforms and keywords in online media spanning from news publications, social media channels, blogs, and comments.

Through a proprietary methodology, NUNA has developed strategic plans with proven successful outcomes for key pilot projects shifting media narratives through public education campaigns based in data.

Starting in January 2020, the NUNA Quantifiable Communications Strategy has acted as a baseline for every NUNA Family Member as a standard practice with marked success.