By Ricki McCarroll, Founder & Principal Consultant

When NUNA was started just over two years ago, we were an I. Just me, a cell phone, a laptop, and a cliff I happened to have jumped off of without a second thought. I was a small business owner – and I was the only one who worked there. Now what.

That ‘now what’ turned into client work – incredible work. Crafting strategy, executing, implementing, writing, posting…what ever it took to tell the story of who are now the NUNA Family.

Then suddenly I looked up from the grind and realized – the very thing my clients hired me to do is something that I couldn’t manage to do for myself. Where is the NUNA brand? Where is the NUNA strategy? When did I become the shoe cobbler without shoes?

Over the past three months, with the help of the NUNA Team, we re-imagined what NUNA could become. From the brand to the communications. We needed to think of ourselves as a client. Was it easy? Nope. But we are at a place to launch into the next ‘now what.’ And with that – we’d like to introduce ourselves. Welcome to the NUNAverse.

About NUNA – Founded in 2015, NUNA Consulting Group is a collective of consultant-based, small businesses from four cities across the United States specializing in Native American public affairs & strategic communications.

Who Do We Serve – The NUNA team is proud to create culturally appropriate solutions for our client base – the NUNA Family – who are comprised of national and regional non-profit Native organizations, Tribal governments, and Native community-owned businesses.

Interested in working with us? Contact Ricki McCarroll at