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The Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling against the Navajo Nation in its attempts to secure water rights to the Colorado River. The high court ruled that the 1868 treaty in question — in which the Navajo Nation reservation was established, and the U.S. government guaranteed the tribe’s agriculture needs, including water rights — did not require the federal government to take “affirmative steps” to secure water for the tribe. 

A widespread Arizona Medicaid scam that has left an unknown number of Native people homeless on the streets of metro Phoenix is being declared a public health state of emergency by the Navajo Nation as fraudulent sober living homes lose their funding and turn former residents out onto the streets. The declaration allows the tribe to add more personnel, travel resources, medical supplies, funding, and other means of support to address the ongoing problem.

The Maine House approved a bill that would let Natives in Maine benefit from federal laws despite a state land claims settlement. The bill received bipartisan support, and the 100-47 vote would be enough to overcome a possible veto from Democratic Governor Janet Mills. The Senate takes up the bill next.

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