Day three of Judge Amy Coney Barret’s Supreme Court hearing before the Senate Judicial Committee began this morning – if you’d like to watch the ongoing proceeding, click here.

Yesterday afternoon, the Supreme Court suspended a lower court’s ruling that extended the 2020 Census count until October 31, meaning that the Trump administration can stop Census enumerations efforts early. The Census Bureau announced shortly after the decision that enumeration efforts would end on Thursday, with online responses remaining open until 11:59 P.M. Hawaiian Standard Time, and door knocking efforts ending at 11 P.M. local time.

Meanwhile, Department of Justice Attorney John Coghlan told a federal court in Maryland that the Trump administration doesn’t know what groups of unauthorized immigrants — other than those in ICE detention centers — it could feasibly exclude from the census numbers used to reallocate House seats per Trump’s memo.

A statue outside of the Chicago Hockey Team’s stadium depicting their logo was defaced over the weekend. The statue was covered by a tarp and guarded by a fence as of Monday evening.

The Yakama Nation in Washington State has sued the city of Yakima over a former landfill on city property that is leaking hazardous substances into the land. The city used the land near the Yakima River as a solid waste disposal site between 1963 and 1972 until it was shut down by the Yakima County Health Department. The lawsuit mentions that the Yakima River is a fishing location for tribal people that is protected by the treaty. 

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Census 2020:

Supreme Court Halts Census In Latest Twist Of 2020 Count

AP News, Mike Schneider, October 13

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the Trump administration can end census field operations early, in a blow to efforts to make sure minorities are properly counted in the crucial once-a-decade tally.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Census Can Stop Counting Now

Native News Online, Levi Rickert, October 13

The United States Supreme Court put on hold a lower federal court’s order on Tuesday afternoon, effectively allowing the Trump administration to stop the 2020 Census count now. The Trump administration sought emergency relief from the nation’s highest court after U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California issued late last month a preliminary injunction that requires the 2020 census count to continue in order to ensure all United States residents are reached and counted.

2020 Elections:

Court Mulls Bid To Extend Vote Counting On Navajo Nation

AP News, Jacques Billeaud, October 13 

Appeals court judges considering whether to give an extra 10 days after Election Day to count ballots mailed from Navajo Nation members living on the Arizona portion of the tribe’s reservation peppered lawyers with questions Tuesday over how such ballots would be distinguished for counting from those of other voters.

Native Mascots:

Blackhawks Logo Statue Defaced With Graffiti, Paint

NBC Sports, Charlie Roumeliotis, October 12

A Blackhawks logo statue outside the United Center was defaced overnight with graffiti and paint. The vandalized sculpture was covered by a tarp and guarded by a fence as of Monday evening


With Six More Covid-19 Deaths On Navajo Nation, Death Toll At 571

Native News Online, October 13

There were six more deaths reported on Monday by the Navajo Department of Health, in coordination with the Navajo Epidemiology Center and the Navajo Area Indian Health Service. The death toll now stands at 571.


Senate Candidate Touts Tribal Agenda In Closely Watched Race, Kevin Abourezk, October 13

Speaking to tribal leaders on Indigenous Peoples Day, Democratic Montana Gov. Steve Bullock promised to respect tribal sovereignty and support much-needed federal programs that benefit Native people if elected to the U.S. Senate. Bullock said he would support fully funding the Indian Health Service, increasing funding to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for law enforcement, increasing the number of Native veteran service officers and living up to the federal trust obligations for tribes.


Yakama Nation Sues City Over Landfill Site, Hazardous Waste

AP News, October 13

The Yakama Nation in Washington state has sued the city of Yakima over a former landfill on city property that is leaking hazardous substances into the land. The state Department of Ecology conducted subsequent surveys that found leaks of hazardous waste, including heavy oils, lead, arsenic and nitrate.


Nathan Apodaca: Everyone’s New Cousin

Indian Country Today, Aliyah Chavez, October 13

Nathan Apodaca, Northern Arapaho, is viral on TikTok and has become a beacon of hope and positive vibes after his viral video skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was seen by millions. Since uploading it at the end of September, he has received 8 million likes on TikTok and counting.